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August 22nd, 2015


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Testing 2015-2016

Arctic Heatwave

Snowflake Classic


Skating Council   of Illinois

There will be a short test session on Sunday, August 23rd at the Southwest Ice Arena.  Click to get a copy of the schedule.

Chicago Radiance

United States Figure Skating

The 2015-2016 membership applications are now available.  Please note there have been some changes from the previous membership application.  All members must read and sign their "safe sport" agreement.  In addition parents are also required to read and sign a "safe sport" agreement.  Both documents are attached to the membership application. 

Current memberships end on June 30, 2015.
Please remember you cannot test or compete if you are not a USFS member.

Radiance On Ice


Area Rinks


2015-2016 Basic Skills Series

The Annual Glenwood FSC Kick-off Party will be Tuesday, August 11th at the Flossmoor.  We hope everyone will come for dinner, presentations of pins to skaters passing tests during the 2014-2015 skating season, and dancing with our DJ.  Click to download the Invitation.  All reservations must be made by Friday, August 9th.

Thanks to all of the skaters, coaches, parents and volunteers that worked so hard to make Arctic Heatwave a success.   Click to get the Arctic Heatwave results.

Thank you to the skaters, coaches, officials, volunteers, participants and the Glenwood Board members who all help to make our 40th Ladybug competition a big success.  The final results for all events are now available.  Please mark your calendars for April 14--17, 2016 for our 41st Ladybug.

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